Road to FCF 2017 - LowLevel (PART 1)

Lowlevel has always cherished quality content and builds. We first went in 2015 and fell off our chair how amazing the show was! 

Here's our complete coverage of the event, travel and people united to First Class Fitment 2017 in Princeton, New Jersey. 

As you know, criteria for the selected cars are strict and the selection may result sometimes in some insatisfaction for the participants. Good thing is, our friend, LP Villiard (IG: @lpvilliard) was selected for the second time (1st time in 2015 with a complete different look)! 

First step, load the monster: 2JZ Subaru STi. 

Location: Montreal, Quebec (Estimated Travel Time: 7h30)

Obligatory midnight public bathroom selfie. 

6:45AM, car ready for the 1st wave entrance. 

To have the ability to meet and see genuine people in the US events is what keeps us in the loop. We often forget all the people behind the cars, the events, but remember that all this human part is what the car scene is really about: the community. (Pictured: @jr_eg) 

Looking back at our trip and pictures, that's where you really understand how great this event is. The organization is amazing, content and cars are flawless, and the vibe during the day is indescriptible. 

This is what covers our Part 1 of the event. Stay tuned for the second part! 

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